Marc Kirkwood - NGH
Hello fellow Brethern. My name is Marc Kirkwood and I am ECV Chapter 58’s new Vice Nobel Grand Humbug. I joined the chapter in the Spring of 2004 at the Dredge in LaGrange. Since coming in, I’ve been as involved as I possibly could, attending Higeway Clean Up, Community Clean-Up (Formally Cemetery), volunteered at several Widder’s Balls, as well as attending the Bean Feeds and Emperor Norton Day. I also belong to Matuca #1849 and Joaquin Murrieta #13. I received my White Shirt in the fall of 2011. In 2013, I suggested that we form a committee to maintain and repair our historical monuments. I serve as the Chairperson for that committee. I’m looking forward to the things to come. Let’s have some fun!
Marc Kirkwood

Noble Grand Humbug

Bruce Hinkley - VNGH
I joined this auspicious organization in Spring of 1987. Al Menshew, XSNGH, was my sponsor. I got my White Shirt in Fall of 2001. My badge is #175. After many years of happily being a Vigilante I received encouragement, from brethren that I respected, to move up in the ranks. And, as my real “day job” as an Optometrist is starting to wind down I now have time to go through the chairs. I think what I like most about our chapter is the diversity and comradely of its members. I plan on helping Estanislao 58 to maintain its status as being the best chapter in the Western states.
Bruce Hinkley

Vice Noble Grand Humbug

LJ DeMauri - Head Vigilante
One if by land, two if by sea. I won by one so here I land. I started my journey in clamperdom in Spring of 1991 at the French Bar in La Grange. I enjoyed my time in the clampers for many years doing Community service, back when it was known as cemetery crew. In 2008, I became Vigilante #209, I embrace the Absurd and my number being perfectly absurd for me. In the years since I became a vigilante I have done many monuments for the humbugs along the way, I have had the pleasure of making signs and poking fun. And the next step in 2019 I became the Hangman. And I look forward to many more years of Clamperdom and absurdum.
LJ DeMauri

Head Vigilante

Randy Jenks
Stay tuned for BIO…
Randy Jenks