Bryan Sparks - NGH

2018 represents my 20th year in ECV 58. It also is the historic 60th Anniversary of our chapter. I am also proud to lead this merry band of misfits as the 58th Humbug in our chapters history.

This year, we have some outstanding things planned. From taking our chapter to the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds for our April meeting to our Widder’s Ball at the beautiful Turlock Golf and Country Club, it should be a year to remember. We even have a couple of very exciting surprises in store for this year, so make sure and check back with this site often, and cheers to an awesome 6023 and a very happy 60th anniversary to our beloved chapter!

Bryan Sparks

Noble Grand Humbug

Tony Bratton - VNGH

I joined Chapter 58 in the Spring of 1996. Little did I know that was going to be the start of a new adventure in my life. In 2009 I became a Vigilante and then the fun began! I started to work my way through the chairs with the intentions of becoming Hangman. I didn't win on my first attempt running but as they say, if at first you don't succeed, try again! A few Vigilantes helped me put on one hell of a show for the next election and I was elected the Hangman in 2016. I was asked why I wanted to move up in the organization, I say its because of all of those that came before me and what this organization is all about. I want to do my part for the chapter!

Tony Bratton

Vice Noble Grand Humbug

Marc Kirkwood - Head Vigilante

Hello fellow Brethern. My name is Marc Kirkwood and I am ECV Chapter 58's new Hangman. I joined the chapter in the Spring of 2004 at the Dredge in LaGrange. Since coming in, I've been as involved as I possibly could, attending Higeway Clean Up, Community Clean-Up (Formally Cemetery), volunteered at several Widder's Balls, as well as attending the Bean Feeds and Emperor Norton Day. I also belong to Matuca #1849 and Joaquin Murrieta #13. I received my White Shirt in the fall of 2011. In 2013, I suggested that we form a committee to maintain and repair our historical monuments. I serve as the Chairperson for that committee. I'm looking forward to the things to come. Let's have some fun!

Marc Kirkwood

Head Vigilante

Bruce Hinkley - Hangman

Greetings. I am the latest, not youngest, Hangman of ECV 58. I joined this auspicious organization in Spring of 1987. Al Menshew, XSNGH, was my sponsor. I got my White Shirt in Fall of 2001. My badge is #175. After many years of happily being a Vigilante I received encouragement, from brethren that I respected, to move up in the ranks. And, as my real "day job"
as an Optometrist is starting to wind down I now have time to go through the chairs. I think what I like most about our chapter is the diversity and comradely of its members. I plan on helping Estanislao 58 to maintain its status as being the best chapter in the Western states.

Bruce Hinkley